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“The best way to preserve the future is to shape it” (credited to W. Brandt)


For shaping the future it would be good to know about the past and to understand the present.

Thus, an extensive analysis of the actual situation and the more recent past has to be done.

“The one who knows his destination will find his way” (Laotse)



Our range of services: 


Analysis of the initial situation

„Who and where are we?“


  • Screening of target markets, customers,


  • Evaluation of satisfaction of internal and

    external stakeholders

  • Demand analysis (market research) – where

     is the problem of the customer, today and tomorrow

  • Industry analysis, Positioning within the competition


  • Comparison self-image and external perception

  • Evaluation of competition advantages – disadvantages

    (SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

  • Make aware the existing USP - unique selling proposition

  • Review of the actual business model (scenarios, stress test)





Planning and implementation of selected strategie

“Make your strategies happen!“


  • From strategic targets to operational goals
  • Development of multidimensional business planning – Balanced Scorecard (Financial, customer, internal business process and learning & growth perspective) and operational measurement catalogue
  • Quantification of the economic consequences and impact of the strategy ( investments, Human Resources, balance sheet and EBIT effects)
  • Development of a business plan and adaption of structures, business processes and systems
    Support for the development of success factors for the implementation (Change & Innovation, culture, commitment of employees)
  • Definition and guidance of project teams
  • Development of strategy based incentive system
  • Brand positioning and Brand Development – adapting the brand to the strategic goals
  • Strategy communication internal and external



Development of powerful strategies –

„Find your own way – be different!“


  • Development of vision / mission
  • Evaluation of strategic options of positioning
  • Development of strategic company targets
  • Definition pf target markets and focus groups
  • Integration of analytic and creative methods
  • Feasibility checks, survey of internationalization options
  • Quantitative and qualitative strategic validation


Strategic and operational controlling

 "Measure your success"


  • Set-up of a permanent controlling system by using a proven
      toolbox – earnings, gross margin, costs, investments, quality,
  • Track & Trace of strategy implementation