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In turbulent economic times it may happen that the company ship sailing in the rough sea gets in a

tilting position. To get in motion or adjust the right levers as soon as possible is topmost dictate not

to fail and sink.


Insolvency doesn’t come up from today to tomorrow.




Our range of services:


  • AAA company quick check (Finance, markets & customers,

    technology, Human Resources, Organization)

  • Development of early-warning systems
  • Economic analysis and Strengths-weaknesses analysis
  • Review of the business model and company strategies
  • Evaluation of cost driver and areas of problems
  • Creation of consistency projection
  • Development of reorganization concept and restructuring plan
  • Setup of a project organization in the restructuring phase
  • Reorganization of the company organization and business process organization
  • Profit, liquidity and balance sheet planning
  • Development of accompanying controlling tools and reporting system
  • Measurement plans for short time restructuring and sustainable turnaround
  • Coaching of the owner / management in the crisis
  • Time limited takeover of management responsibility (Interim Management)