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We analyze your potential comprehensively to increase the performance in the

company. Where it is at most urgent and most important. Based upon this we

develop and recommend an operational measurement catalogue – quick-wins,

short and mid-term measures.


We turn the big wheels first before we continue with the smaller ones.


Our range of service (exemplary):



  • ABC analysis of customers and markets – revenues & gross margins
  • Business process analysis and optimization
  • Creation of supporting sales cockpit and efficient reporting system
  • Definition of supporting measures to optimize the sales results


Product Portfolio

  • Evaluation and segmentation of cash cows, poor dogs, high potentials,


  • Portfolio analysis of gross margins
  • Impact and consequences of portfolio for the intensity of fixed assets


Cost Management in Sales, Production, Administration

  • Finding the cost drivers and savings potentials
  • Classification of cost – luxury, comfort, standard, substandard
  • Zero Based Budgeting approach



  • Output-Input analysis
  • Estimation of efficiency and process speed
  • Benchmarks
  • Definition of measures to improve productivity


Human Resources

  • Evaluation of competences and potentials of the sales forces
  • Evaluation of performance inhibiting factors
  • Creation of quantitative and qualitative target catalogues
  • Development of high performance measures (see HR Consulting)


Service & Culture

  • Customer and service orientation checks
  • Mystery Shopping and employee satisfaction survey
  • Service-improvement programs



  • Business process management and project management and control
  • Organization development projects